Plan 2018


17 August 2018 07:00 UTC: Ferry to Robben Island from Victoria & Alfred Waterfront  5 Operators

17 August 2018 09:00 UTC: Antenna rigging

17 August 2018 10:30 UTC: CW station Start

17 August 2018 11:00 UTC: Ferry to Robben Island from Victoria & Alfred Waterfront 1 Operator

17 August 2018 16:00 UTC: Start operation (QRV)

19 August 2018 14:00 UTC: Ferry back to Victoria & Alfred Waterfront 2 Operators

20 August 2018 05:00 UTC: Stop operation (QRT)

20 August 2018 07:00 UTC: Ferry back to Victoria & Alfred Waterfront 4 Operators


We will run 3 stations simultaneously from 10m to 160m on CW, SSB and FT8.

Due to high RF noise levels on the Island we will find the best Frequencies for the time and call. Listen out for us and watch the cluster where we are spotted.

Some IOTA frequencies we will aim for:


10m 28.560 MHz and 28.460 MHz
12m 24.950 MHz
15m 21.260 MHz
17m 18.128 MHz
20m 14.260 MHz
40m 7.160 MHz
80m 3.755 MHz
160m 1,845 MHz


10m 28.040 MHz
12m 24.920 MHz
15m 21.040 MHz
18m 18.098 MHz
20m 14.040 MHz
30m 10.115 MHz
40m 7.035 MHz
80m 3530 MHz


160m 1.840 MHz
80m 3.573 MHz
40m 7.074 MHz
30m 10.136 MHz
20m 14.074 MHz
17m 18.100 MHz
15m 21.074 MHz
12m 24.915 MHz
10m 28.074 MHz

Because FT8 is a new operating mode, please follow the guidelines:

The following is a list of Required Steps to work ZS9V on FT8:

First Install the latest version of the WSJT-X software. The latest version of WSJT-X software can always be found here:

  1. Use only the latest General Release version of WSJT-X software when trying to work ZS9V. You will not work us with previous versions of WSJT-X.
  2. Your computer clock needs to be ACCURATE. Do not assume that it is. An accurate time synch is mandatory for proper decoding. There is some tolerance to PC Clock error but do not run the risk of missing a QSO. Find the right tool to keep your PC’s clock within 1 second of GPS time. We will be locked to GPS time on the island.
  3. Read the FT8 Help files. There are differences in the DXpedition submode that you need to understand. However, radio control and all other program settings are the same as the basic FT8 mode.